• Send a Bit 'o Luck & Good Cheer

     Brighten someone's day with a box of Cutie Pies. Today through March 17 for a bit less of the "green" , $17 delivered. 

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  • The Pies of Spring

     Popping up through the blanket of snow outside my front door I can see the crocus and daffodils, there are robins all around, and the sun is out a bit longer every day. These signs of good things to come caused me to start on Spring baking and I am so happy to have a few Spring pies to post! The flavors for Spring are predominately fruit. Lemon Sponge is a soft texture that reminds me of a baked lemon pudding I enjoyed as a child. The zest and juice of fresh lemons is balanced by a moderate amount of...

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  • Are You Fishin' for Lenten Meal Ideas?

     Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word meaning Spring. During these forty days leading to the celebration of Easter many abstain from meat. We are happy to bring you pies that put a delicious new spin on the meatless meal. The Irish Catch,  Shrimp Etouffe, and Jambalya pies bring exciting new flavors to your Lenten table. Spring is on the way so toss a light mixed green salad and enjoy a slice of these savory meatless entrees.  

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  • These Irish Pies Will Have You Smiling

     The Emerald Isle is home to much more than the corned beef, cabbage and potatoes that is served so often each March. We are excited to bring you a variety of flavors from the ovens of Ireland. 

    In the savory pies we offer:

    -Beef & Guinness Pie

    -Shepherd's Pie

    -Cottage Pie

    -Irish Catch (seafood) Pie

    -Corned Beef & Cabbage Pie

    In the sweet pies we offer:

    - Lucky Lime Pie

    -Green Velvet Pie

    -Mint Meltaway Fudge Pie

    -Irish Derby Pie

    Just to mention a few. Keep in mind the flavor options you have for the crust. Be sure to try rye crust with the Corned Beef & Cabbage, the hint of fennel with the Irish Catch, Pub Cheddar with the Beef & Guinness, let's just say there are some wonderful options in the pastry selections. 

    As always, we love to hear from you via email, Facebook, post a pie moment, or phone of course. 


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  • Send a Pie a Month

    For  the many times you have been on a quest for the perfect gift and found that you run out of ideas , time and energy, settling for anything, desperate to make it work, we have the answer! Send a Pie a Month and know that you've done it, you've found the unique, delicious, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving and sending your best.  The occasions are many, (new arrival, housewarming, birthday, anniversary,) and so many messages, (gratitude, condolence, encouragement, congratulations,) all with the singular  purpose let someone know they are thought of by you.  We offer three options and...

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  • Custom Orders? It's Easy As Pie Lets You Choose & Create

    There are so many tastes and flavor combinations to discover and enjoy and I want you enable you to do just that. In order to make your pie experience the best, I've included features to both inform and also let you create a one-of-a-kind pie. Each item on the menu has a photo, a brief description, and an ingredient list. You may have an allergy , just let me know  what to leave out. You may want to add an ingredient to achieve a specific look (a garnish perhaps?) or enhance a flavor (adding a spice, extract or something else.)...

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