• Sweet Potato Pie

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    The Sweet Potato Pie has Southern roots and this root vegetable is ranked significantly highest of others for fiber, vitamins and minerals. You'll not only enjoy it for how good it is for you, but the varieties we offer will soon have this on your list of favorites. Pictured as follows: Sweet Potato Crush, Pecan Crumb, Cranberry Crumb and Pure Sweet Potato (all in the Pecan pastry)

    Ingredients: (pastry) butter, shortening, salt, powdered sugar, salt, water, toasted chopped pecans (Pure Sweet Potato Pie filling) mashed fresh sweet potatoes, ginger, cinnamon, sour cream, eggs, butter, salt, brown sugar 

    Toppings Ingredients: (sweet potato crush) chopped dark chocolate double dipped peanuts, butter, flour, sugar(brown/white,)salt (pecan crumb) flour, butter, sugar(brown/ white)salt, toasted pecans chopped(cranberry crumb) butter, flour, salt, sugar( brown/white)chopped dried cranberries)


  • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Sweet Potato Pie

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