For this most important of celebrations, the Wedding Pie is a fabulous "first dessert," We offer many flavors and unique finishing options to create custom made pie which reflects your style and is what you've always dreamed about. 

The variety of flavor options ranges from elegant flavors such as French Silk and Chocolate Covered Raspberry to pure fruit flavors and classics like Custard, Lemon Meringue and Banana Cream. 

 Wedding Pie may be served in a number of sizes, from bite sized Cutie Pies, to individual serving pies to full size to serve by the slice. In addition to the many ways available to customize the pie, you'll find pie an affordable, lunique, delicious, and memorable "first dessert"

 Additionally, if you are planning on serving cake know that there are many wedding events in which pie is a superb choice. Bridal showers, engagement parties,luncheons, rehearsal dinner, brunch the day following the wedding to name a few. Also very popular is a "pie bar" for the end of the reception. The Savory Pies are a just right touch for late night or next morning brunch.

 Photo credit: Bobbi Brinkman Photography, St.Louis