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 12 Pies of Christmas A feast of a dozen mini-pies wrapped festively and delivered to a loved one's door may be this season's most fun and unusual edible gift. Perfect served en masse or one at a time, each 5" pie is fresh-baked, individually wrapped, and may be frozen. Choose from 15 varieties at locally-owned itseasyaspie.com. $85


These Three St. Louis Pie Shops Will Save Your Thanksgivingg Reputation
These Three St. Louis Pie Shops Will Save Your Thanksgiving Reputation
By Erin McKee Posted November 21
Those who say that pie is “just the dessert” on Thanksgiving clearly haven’t had your pie. Well, the pie you brought, anyway. Fine, it’s the hand-crafted pie that you picked up from one of these fine St. Louis bakeries. But nobody needs to know that.

1/ Sugarfire Pie
Sugarfire exploded onto the St. Louis barbecue scene and surprisingly brought superb pies with it. Head to Sugarfire Pie for anything from classics to stacked pies (a simpler spin on the pie-within-a-cake trend from several years ago) to unique pies that only Sugarfire could dream up. Bacon apple cheddar pie, anyone?

2/ It’s Easy As Pie
Time is a pretty hot commodity this time of year, so we’re grateful that It’s Easy As Pie will deliver their freshly-baked goodies right to your door, made within 24 hours of delivery. They have so many warm and cozy, perfect-for-Thanksgiving flavors—apple, cherry, cranberry pecan, pumpkin—we might need them to reserve a whole delivery van just for us.

3/ Eckert’s Country Store
If you’ve ever picked your own fruit at Eckert’s, you know that those perfect fruits are what make up their delightful pies. They’re not lying when they say their “only competition is Grandma.” We’re seriously feeling the peach pie, blackberry pie and apple cranberry pie.

It’s Easy As Pie

Pie for you is important, but what about pie as a business gift? Cindy Huger Grunik re-creates corporate logos on her specialty pies and then delivers the pie within a 25-mile area of St. Louis.

“Delivery is one of my favorite parts of the job,” Grunik says. “When people from out of town send one of my pies to a friend or relative here, I always take photos at the delivery.”

Grunik makes 25 kinds of sweet and savory pies, and she accepts custom orders. Fresh tomato, chicken pot pie and mushroom pie top the list of favorite savory pies. Key lime and lemon meringue pies, as well as her French silk pies and crème brulee pies, are the most popular sweet selections. Eight crusts are available.

Grunik’s seasonal specialty is cranberry pecan pie.

“I get fresh cranberries this time of year from Michigan, from the place where I pick blueberries in the summer,” she says.

Sweet pies cost $20; specialty and savory pies run $25. Call 314-282-5861 or see itseasyaspie.com.



ST. LOUIS - Several St. Louis based businesses are offering support to a former Cardinals player who was assaulted at a gas station this week.

Police say 37-year-old James Street yelled several racial slurs at former St. Louis Cardinal Curtis "Curt" Ford at a gas station along Gravois Bluffs Road Wednesday night. Investigators say Street then punched Ford in the face.

Cindy Grunik, who owns "It's Easy As Pie," donated $100 worth of pies for Curt Ford
Thanks to some organizing from KMOX radio host Charlie Brennan, several local businesses showed their support for Ford Friday morning.
"I thought -- why don't we leave Curt with a better taste in his mouth? After all, he had told the local paper he was thinking about moving outside St. Louis," Brennan said. "So I thought, what can we do that will be kind of emblematic of St. Louis and make a nice impression for Mr. Ford? I thought, why not get him a gift basket of gift certificates for St. Louis restaurants."
Brennan suggested the idea during his Friday morning show. Soon, businesses were calling in to offer gift cards to restaurants, golf lessons, bike rentals, and more.
"Frankly, they melted down our phones today," Brennan said.
One of those calls came from Cindy Grunik. She owns "It's Easy As Pie," and offered $100.00 worth of pies to Ford.
"I know what my product can do for people," she said. "It's the ultimate comfort food, first of all, and it's a really small way to make a difference. I think that's where it starts," she said.
Both Brennan and Grunik said they weren't surprised about the kindness shown by the community.
"I think it shows that were in the heartland for a reason," Grunik said. "I mean, we have a big heart. And it doesn't take grand scale efforts to address things."
Ford communicated by text on Thursday he wasn't ready to talk about the incident.
Based on the early list of callers to Brennan's show, they raised more than $4,000 in gift cards for the former Cardinal.



Pi Day is always kind of a big deal for pizza and pie lovers, but it's especially significant for math lovers this year.

The first 10 digits of π are 3.141592653, which also translates to March 14, 2015 at 9:26 a.m. and 53 seconds. This won't happen for another 100 years.

Pi Pizzeria has been celebrating this significant event all week. Some of this week's specials include Pi Squared cocktails, buy one large pizza and get the second pizza for $3.14, and happy hour all day (happening on Friday).

But the most important day for Pi this week is Super Pi Day. Not only is it a significant Pi Day, it's also the pizzeria's 7th birthday. According to their website, Pi will begin celebrating at their Delmar location with breakfast pizza and beer on Saturday at exactly 9:26 a.m. and 54 seconds (they rounded up). Other activities include a Pi Memorization Contest and a free large pizza for all Pi babies (birthday of March 14).

Other St. Louis area businesses are taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime Pi Day event by celebrating in their own way.

It's Easy as Pie, which delivers made-to-order pies to your door throughout the St. Louis area, will be adding the Pi symbol to all of their pies on Saturday. A Raspberry Pi event is taking place at Tech Artista, a co-working space located at 4818 Washington Blvd., from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The event consists of presentations, workshops and a work space available for projects throughout the day.




November 05, 2014 11:00 am • Written by Matt Duchesne0
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It's Easy As Pie Adds New Flavors to Menu
St. Louis pie delivery service It's Easy As Pie has added three new seasonal flavors to its large menu of both savory and sweet options. Pumpkin chiffon, pumpkin cheese and cranberry pecan pies are three brand-new pies being offered for 24-hour delivery by the bakery and its owner, Cindy Grunik.
Grunik says the cranberry pecan pie is her favorite and is a great addition to a Thanksgiving spread. Puréed sweet potato lines the bottom of the pie, and a generous amount of fresh whole cranberries, whole pecans, and chopped dark chocolate covers the pastry. Then, sweet filling infused with fresh orange and vanilla is poured over the fruit, nuts and chocolate. The finished product includes a pleasant pop of tart, crunch of nut and sweet of the chocolate.
In addition to the new holiday flavors, It's Easy As Pie also offers a wide variety of pies ranging from classics like the apple pie to the buffalo chicken in tortilla crust pie. Alternate crusts are also available for all orders, and home deliveries will bring the pies right to the customer's 






Ladue News 10/31/2014 





 Sauce Magazine 8/1/2014









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Best Pies in St. Louis: A Roundup
By Kaitlin Steinberg Mon., Apr. 29 2013 at 12:00 PM 5 Comments
Categories: Desserts & Sweets, Gut Check Guide

Apple crumb pie from It's Easy As Pie.
It's Easy As Pie
(www.itseasyaspie.com; 314-282-5861)
Cindy Grunik wants to make sure that everyone has a little pie in their lives. She started It's Easy As Pie in the fall of 2012 as a pie-delivery company that allows people to order online and customize crust and filling. The shop doesn't have a storefront yet, but it seems like it may not need one. With nine different crust options (including pub cheddar and pretzel brittle) and fillings for any occasion, there's something on the menu for everyone. Gunik's apple-crumb pie, made with a blend of three varieties of apples, cinnamon and sugar nestled in pub cheddar, crust got third place in last year's Ladue News holiday-dessert recipe contest, and it's not hard to imagine why. Apples and cheese? Yes, please!





 St. Louis Magazine 12/13/13





The Answer is Pie: (What Was the Question?)
By Byron Kerman December 13, 2012 5:15 PM

The fooderati, aka the alleged national tastemakers whose opinions trickle in from the coastal megalopolises, have informed the world that cupcakes are old hat, and pie is where it’s at.

Apparently St. Louis has taken note, because hot on the heels of Pie Oh My!, another pie-centric local concern has fired up the oven. Easy as Pie began delivering pies to customers in the region about three months ago. They don’t yet have a storefront, says owner Cindy Grunik, but depending on how business goes, that may be in the offing.

In the meantime, customers can head to the new startup’s web site and check out the many mouthwatering options.

The most popular flavors she offers, said Grunik, include apple crumb (right), which is made with three kinds of apples; cherry with chocolate crust; and the most popular of all, peanut butter with a pretzel-brittle crust, which has a sweet-meets-salty kick.

Her personal favorite, though, she said, is the Derby Pie, a Kentucky creation which is a pecan/chocolate pie.

“Pie can be very simple or very elegant,” she said. “I do a key lime pie with a layer of raspberries on the bottom and a pistachio crust.”

She also bakes a “Tollhouse Pie,” which she describes as “a very gooey cross between a chocolate-chip cookie and a gooey butter cake – it’s dense.”

Grunik made the finals of a recent baking competition held by the Ladue News for her apple crumb pie with a pub-cheddar crust. “It’s like putting a slice of cheese atop an apple pie,” she said.

Other flavors available from It’s Easy as Pie include blackberry, blueberry, creamy lemon raspberry, grasshopper, mincemeat, mint meltaway, peppermint fudge, rocky road fudge, and strawberry rhubarb.

The baker’s “Cutie Pies” (above) are bite-sized pies that she sells by the dozen. They’re tiny crust shells filled with an assortments of fillings as a kind of sampler or party-pack. She will, on request, make boozy Cuties with liqueurs mixed into the filling, in flavors like bourbon pumpkin, Kahlua cream, Bailey’s chocolate cream, and Triple sec-orange cream.

When ordering, you can customize your crust as well as your filling. Crust choices include traditional flaky, chocolate, pretzel-brittle, graham cracker, shortbread, pub cheddar, pistachio, and almond. Or consider "Pie Toppers," pastry cut outs (left) themed to birthdays, holidays, or the company logo.

“People like to have some input, and to try tastes they’ve never had before,” said Grunik, “like a pecan pie with a chocolate crust, or a pot pie with a cheddar crust.”

Wait – did she just say pot pie?

Yes, the pie maven confirmed that has been working on savory pot pies, and hopes to debut them soon.

Grunik also offers a special option she’s calling “Retro Pies,” which means she’ll take that old family recipe that brings back memories, and make it for you. “At Thanksgiving I did a Retro Pie for a family,” she said. “It was an apple-cherry pie with nutmeg and cinnamon. The Retro Pies allow people who may not have the time or ability to make an old recipe to enjoy it again, and to reconnect with a time, person, event, or stage in their life through the taste. Food transcends time.”

“And pie is good for everything from a housewarming to a condolence call,” she added. “Some people would much rather have a pie than a cake.”