Made-to-Order Pie in St Louis - Get A Delicious Homemade Pie Delivered Right To Your Front Door

It's hard to believe, but it's true. Order a pie from It's Easy As Pie, and we'll deliver it to your door (in the St Louis area!)

That's right - you could be eating a fresh cherry, pecan, apple pie right now, if only you'd placed an order already! Do your future self a favor, visit our menu and feast your eyes on what we offer, then order a pie now. It's Easy As Pie!


Tip: you can't go wrong with our flaky, buttery original crust - but you can also try one of our other 10 types of crust (we even have a  Pistachio crust!)

Best of all, most of our pies are  $20, and delivery is just $12.95 in the St Louis area. If you want to send one to an out of town friend we can do that too, with an additional charge for shipping based on the destination.

Click Here To see our Fresh, made-to-order Pies Now, and place your order today!

Your future self will thank you.