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    The Cape Gooseberry is native to Brazil but long ago became naturalized in the highlands of Peru and Chile and became identified with the region. It was being grown in England in 1774 and was cultivated by early settlers at the Cape of Good Hope before 1807. Soon after introduction to the Cape the plant was carried to Australia where it quickly spread into the wild. Seeds were taken to Hawaii before 1825 and the plant is naturalized on all the islands at medium and somewhat higher altitudes. This exotic fruit may now be enjoyed in two pies; the Crumb and the Cream. You’ll find the refreshing and light flavor similar to a mix of peach and mandarin orange.

     The Cream Pie, we start with a Flaky Pastry shell, adding a thin layer of of Cape Gooseberry coulis followed by a generous layer of vanilla pastry cream and finished with Cape Gooseberry coulis and toasted almond.

    You’ll love the depth of flavor and  the refreshing characteristic of the Cape Gooseberry not to mention the many health benefits! 

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