What They Are Saying....

  • Delivery is the best part..Picture this....

    When you order a gift to be delivered the reaction of the recipient is what you as the sender miss out on. You may wonder :

    Were they surprised? Did they like it? 

    In a matter of  just a few deliveries a few years ago it was decided that when possible and approppripriate a picture would be taken at delivery  then shared with the sender. We always ask first and never take the picture without permission. 

    Just today a customer sent in the following email when her brother's picture was sent to her as he received his birthday pie. Thank you for this!

    "Cindy I am blown away by your service! Thank you so much!!!! I'll definetly be telling everyone about you and using you again myself. God bless you. Great job. "


    Camdenton,  MO

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