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  • Mother's Day 2016

    With every pie there is a story. The best part of all this is the story behind each delivery. Things are booming at It's Easy As Pie and I want to share what I'm so excited about for Mother's Day this year.This all "stems" from Mother's Days of the past. When my four children were younger our tradition, like many, was to go to the nursery on Mother's Day weekend and select a variety of plants & seed packs which we would then go home plant together. The garden was then enjoyed for the rest of the season by all having...

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  • Mother's Day 2018 Send Mom a Fresh Pie and a Garden

       Fresh pie and flowers delivered to Mom for Mother’s Day was introduced in 2016 and the popularity is “growing!”  ( note: not an arrangement but a garden!) Choose her favorite pie to be delivered/shipped  with a wildflower garden. Each pie is baked-to-order (with love) and your personal message attached. We are so excited to include  a lovely handmade seeded paper heart with a wildflower mix ( Alyssum, Catchfly, Siberian Wallflower, Black-Eyed Susan, Baby Blue Eyes) from Green Field Paper of San Diego, CA. that is easy to plant & easy to grow. Fresh pie goes fast, the flowers she will enjoy...

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