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  • Top Pie Picks Thanksgiving 2014

    In just two short weeks The Feast of the year takes place. For one day of the year the turkey is the national bird , with an estimated 46 million cooked on the fourth Thursday of November.  Thanksgiving dinner ,as we all know, is not all about the bird. The marvelous side dishes include starches, vegetables, sauces, gravies, and oh yes, breads and rolls. We each have a system of how we fill our plate and often it takes more than one trip through the buffet line to sample it all. Seconds? Well yes I do make a return because...

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  • Feast Magazine Spotlights New Pie Flavors For Your Thanksgiving Feast

    Photo courtesy of Feast Magazine5 hours ago • Written by Matt Duchesne0Subscribe to Feast!St. Louis pie delivery service It's Easy As Pie has added three new seasonal flavors to its large menu of both savory and sweet options. Pumpkin chiffon, pumpkin cheese and cranberry pecan pies are three brand-new pies being offered for 24-hour delivery by the bakery and its owner, Cindy Grunik.Grunik says the cranberry pecan pie is her favorite and is a great addition to a Thanksgiving spread. Puréed sweet potato lines the bottom of the pie, and a generous amount of fresh whole cranberries, whole pecans, and...

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