• Trending Now...Wedding Pie

    Every couple has dreams of ther wedding and happily there is just nothing textbook about the start of the HEA (happy ever after.) Most important is the wedding celebration reflect the couple's style and taste while staying in budget.

    These days creativity is at a high with so many lovely ways to personalize this most special time. It's Easy As Pie bakes pies of many styles ,sizes, flavors, and presentations. 

    Here is what's trending in wedding pies:

    - Rehearsal Dinner 

    If wedding cake is to be served at the reception pie is the popular choice for the Rehearsal Dinner.

    - Showers & bridesmaids' luncheon

    savory and sweet options

    - Grooms Pie

    sone grooms are truly "pie guys" so he will be delighted with a grooms pie. 

    - Pie Bar

    Mini pies make great late night snacks

    - Receptiom favors :

    a small box of Cutie Pies is as cute as ever. Attach your personalized note!

    - Day After Brunch

    keeo things easy and delicious! Host a brunch for the out-of -town guests and don't worry about the cooking.






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