• Wedding Pie Serves Up Something Special- The Pie's The Limit


     Your wedding plans however simple or complex all have one central goal, to be a wonderful and memorable celebration . As you plan your most special day there are so many things to consider , you want it to be just right AND affordable. Let me just say "It's Easy As Pie!"

    Wedding Pie offers so many options to the bride and groom to creatively and affordably serve a delicious, memorable "first dessert ." As I meet with couples planning their receptions it is so enjoyable and rewarding to be able to offer the dessert that reflects their style, their taste, I believe the pie's the limit and here is why:

    - Variety 

    Pie flavors range from pure fruit flavors like Apple, Cherry, and Pumpkin to elegant options such as French Silk, Chocolate Covered Raspberry, and Bananas Foster. 

     -Custom Options

     Beyond flavor selection we offer a vast number of ways to make your Wedding Pies exactly that, YOUR Wedding Pies. Unique to It's Easy As Pie is a choice in crust flavors. I believe the crust flavor should compliment the filling and not simply contain it. The Cafe Crust contains fine ground fresh coffee in the dough and is a delightful combination with many flavors ( especially good with the cream pies.) The Pub Cheddar with Apple, Chocolate Crust with Cherry, Pistachio with Key Lime are just a few of the choices. Our Flaky Pastry is a favorite and a great match with any of our pie flavors.

     When it comes to Custom Pies we go well beyond flavor and crust. Pie Toppers are creative pastry cut outs which finish off your pie with elegance, whimsy, and whatever it takes to put pop in the overall look. 



     We do offer pie in many shapes and sizes. You may serve by the slice, personal pies, bite size Cutie Pies"(fork-free) and additionally who says all pie must be circular?

     Pie is affordable, creative, available in many styles, flavors and presentations. You may find  a pie bar at the end of the reception a perfect way to end the party , or a pie selection /mini pie wrapped individually is a great party favor. 

     We look forward to discussing the possibilities of pie with you for after all, the pie's the limit!

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