• Fresh Roast Pie / Cafe Crust, Enjoy A Sip In Every Bite

     Coffee and a fresh slice of pie have long been a finish to a great meal , and if the meal was not so great , then an even better ending. This duo also is enjoyed on it's own at cafes the world over as people take a break in their day, have a treat after a show, meet a friend for a visit, or perhaps enjoyed with a good book, or more currently IPad in hand.

     A hallmark of It's Easy As Pie is crust. Offering a number of flavors, we believe that it is the function of crust to not merely hold things together and contain the filling, but to complement. Available are flavors such as Pub Cheddar which pairs well with both Savory and Sweet pies. Have you ever enjoyed a fresh slice of cheese on an Apple pie? Chocolate, well that is outstanding with Cream pies, Cherry, and of course Pecan. 

    Cafe Crust is made with ground fresh-roasted coffee beans incorporated into the dough and baked IN the crust. The aroma of Cafe Crust as it bakes is delightful but the bite of the complete pie on your fork, now that's it! 

     Deciding which flavor goes best with Cafe Crust is not difficult, hmmm, coffee and pie, It's Easy As Pie!

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