• Studio 3 Magazine Puts Pie in the Spotlight

    One of the favorite parts of my day is receiving a Daily Dose of Gorgeous from Studio 3 Magazine. As subscriber to Studio 3,the Daily Dose is waiting for me daily in my inbox. Oh,and did I mention how EASY it is to subscribe? (and it's free!) Studio 3 is my "go to" for the lovely, the creative and the breath of fresh air online whenever I want. Now that's easy as pie!
    June 14 was extra special, thank you Judy and Studio 3 for making It's Easy As Pie feel oh-so-gorgeous!

    Daily Dose of Gorgeous

    It's Easy as Pie!
    If you haven't tasted a delicious pie lovingly handmade by Cindy Grunik of It's Easy as Pie, you are definitely missing out. Cindy is a baker extraordinaire, and she puts her heart and soul into each of her creations. A pie is a fabulous and unique gift idea or just perfect for anytime an extraordinary dessert is in order. Give her a call. And by the way, Cindy is as sweet as her pies.

    xoxo, Judy

    P.S. Cindy makes savory pies, too!


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