• Buying A Glennon Card Gives 100%, Shopping With Your Glennon Card $aves 20%

     We love to give and we love to save so purchasing a 2014 Glennon Card is the answer. But then what was the question? 

    It may sound something like this: where can I find a place that will put my donation dollars to work, all of them, and at the same time support local businesses, and even better if I could enjoy some savings. The Glennon Card is the answer!

    For the second consecutive year It's Easy As Pie is delighted to be one of 300 Merchant Participants. These businesses,many if which you already frequent, include restaurants, florists, salons&spas, home decor, boutiques, and clothiers to name a few. The 20% savings is valid for all ten shopping days and not just for one time. 

    From October 24th through November 2nd as a Glennon Card shopper you will enjoy 20% off your bill of regularly priced items and services. Additionally, there are Pre-Shopping Events which give you even more of a jump start on your holiday shopping. 


     For complete information on The Glennon Card visit


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