• Top Pie Picks Thanksgiving 2014

    In just two short weeks The Feast of the year takes place. For one day of the year the turkey is the national bird , with an estimated 46 million cooked on the fourth Thursday of November. 

    Thanksgiving dinner ,as we all know, is not all about the bird. The marvelous side dishes include starches, vegetables, sauces, gravies, and oh yes, breads and rolls. We each have a system of how we fill our plate and often it takes more than one trip through the buffet line to sample it all. Seconds? Well yes I do make a return because there is something so special about Thanksgiving dinner unlike any other holiday meal. 

    About Pie Picks....

    Act II of The Feast is dessert, pie in many flavors. Somehow, after SO much dinner Act II begins. Usually there has been an intermission with time to clear the dishes, stretch a bit and turn on the coffee.

    My top picks this year include:

    1) Cranberry Pecan

    2) Sweet Potato

    3) Sea Salt Caramel Apple

    4) Peanut Butter with Pretzel Brittle Crust

    5) Classic Pumpkin

     A must for the dessert table is plenty of Whipped Cream and black coffee. The crowning finish to the epic meal of the year .... a champagne flute with a fresh cranberry dancing at the bottom. Cheers!!

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