• Send A Fresh Pie This Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is one of the busiest times at It's Easy As Pie!

    I am often am told about  fond memories of the pies customer's mothers made in days gone by which is then followed the comment that how THEY wish they could  now bake a pie for their Mom. That's  where we come in. 

    You may wonder what are the most popular pies for Mother's Day?

    - Lemon Meringue

    - Rhubarb Crumb

    - Apple 

    - Cherry

    Personal experience of mine agrees with the trend. I just loved the Lemon Meringue Pie my mom made and every time now I take a bite  I feel the connection.

    Cooking like music, painting, and other art forms works that magic of connecting us to people, places and experiences we hold dear. However cooking is the most delicious of those art forms! 

    On Motheer's Day it is a great treat to surprise her with s fresh pie delivered or shipped to her door with your personal message attached.

    if she is no longer with you, do what many customers do and order her favorite flavor, cut a big slice and be connected!

    Keeping it simple, delicious, and lovely...It's Easy As Pie!




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