• "Pie-er-works" Fresh Summer Pies Light Up the Holiday

    Summertime pies are in full color! Berries, Plums, peaches and the many other fruits of summer offer a brilliant color palate that will satisfy your taste palate in delicious ways. 

    For your summer get togethers is there any dessert more true red ,white and blue than fresh pie? Each of our pies is lightly spiced to enhance the perfect natural flavors of fresh fruit. Pastry pie toppers add a spirited whimsical finish without icing, sprinkles or candies. 

    Savory summer pies are a light and refreshing taste of the garden.  You'll find the combinations of herbs and vegetables we bake (in the crust of your choice) a perfect summer meal. Served as a main dish or an accompaniment to grilled seafood, chicken, or meats, savory pies are  a great go-to for sumner dining. 

    The chorus of June bugs and cicadas has begun! Happy summer!



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