• Preserving Summer's Best

    While we are enjoying the many fruits, herbs, and vegetables of Summer now, all-too-soon things will be out of season. 

    We have a assortment  of canned produce in jam, jelly,pickle, hot pack varieties.  


    Additional Items include:
    Old Fashioned Chili Sauce
    Dill Green Beans
    Plum Jelly
    ️Strawberry Jam
    Red Raspberry/Peach Jam

    -All of these items are made "when the time is ripe" so when we run out we are out.
    -These make great Christmas and special event gifts but should be ordered during the growing season. -We are happy to print Custom labels with your message.

    Additionally if you have a favorite family recipe you'd like us to make and can, just let us know. These "retro recipes" bring memorable flavors back.

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