• Custom Orders? It's Easy As Pie Lets You Choose & Create

    There are so many tastes and flavor combinations to discover and enjoy and I want you enable you to do just that. In order to make your pie experience the best, I've included features to both inform and also let you create a one-of-a-kind pie.

    Each item on the menu has a photo, a brief description, and an ingredient list. You may have an allergy , just let me know  what to leave out. You may want to add an ingredient to achieve a specific look (a garnish perhaps?) or enhance a flavor (adding a spice, extract or something else.) Additionally, you will be asked to select the crust. There are at least 8 options and I encourage you to go ahead and try something different. How about pecan with a chocolate crust, apple with pub cheddar, or key lime with pistachio? 

    Pie Toppers are another feature offered to make your pie unique and personal. A Pie Topper may be adding a message (miss you, love you, thank you) in letters of pastry. Yes, they may even be in color! Holiday motifs are another topper that creates a great look. For your business, school or organization why not some branding with pastry? Of course if it is a monogrammed pie you're after, no problem.  We will make a custom cutter with your logo and top off your pie.

    My goal to have each order a special order is not something I take lightly. While you may completely order on site, know that you will be contacted personally to go over your order and I will make certain it is just as you want. There is a Facebook page (It's Easy As Pie) so a like and a comment are most appreciated. Your comments,suggestions and thoughts are encouraged and valued so call or email me.Thank you and enjoy!




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