• Fudged

    There is some things we enjoy now and then when we have a craving for a specific flavor. Not the case with our Fudge Pie. I always enjoy this taste(unadulterated chocolate,) this texture(gooey goodness,) this aroma(pure chocolate,) and while IT does not make a sound,after the first bite is taken a hum of enjoyment is the sound you'll hear, (something like mmmm.)

    Yes, I really do like chocolate and I suppose i am a purist when it comes down to it. We offer many variations on the Fudge Pie such as the Mint Melt-away, Rocky Road, Peppermint Fudge, and we even can add a groundhog if you like, ( no, just the design of your choice in powdered sugar on top.) 

    One of my favorite ways to enjoy this is slightly warm (8 seconds in the microwave will do it,) and topped with vanilla ice cream or whip cream. I will tell you that this pie sits well overnight and actually I prefer it the second day. So, order it to arrive a day ahead of when you plan on eating it, do not refrigerate( may dry it out a bit,) and most importantly hide it. Otherwise, there will be an empty pie plate waiting for you. 

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