• Cranberry Inspired Pies Delight


    It's Easy As Pie orders fresh cranberries direct from DeGrandchamps in South Haven, MI. Our shipment of fresh Michigan cranberries is hereand cranberry inspirations are popping all over the menu.

    -Sea Salt Caramel Apple Pie with toasted almond cranberry finish.

    -Chicken Cranberry Brie Pie
    Flaky Pastry lined with fresh spinach leaves and whole cranberries, filled with roasted chicken tossed in a light cream with chunks of Brie toasted nut & whole berry finish.

    -Turkey With the Trimmings Pie
    Not just a feast for the eyes, this is "dinner in a dish" at its finest. Just as you fill your plate with favorite selections from the buffet, so you may do the same here. There are crust options including gluten free , baked traditional dressing , cornbread or flaky pastry. Choice of potato as well, while mashed or sweet mashed. Roasted chicken may substituted for turkey.

    -Cranberry Pecan Pie
    The sweet cranberry feast starts with a thin layer of sweet potato, then a mix of chopped dark chocolate, whole cranberries, whole pecans is added. Fresh orange infused traditional pecan pie filling covers the mixture. Crust suggestion : Cafe Crust or Flaky Pastry.

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