• Enjoy Local

     The mid summer is here. The chorus of cicadas fills the backyard, fireflies are loving the warm, humid nights, and be sure to savor the longest hours of daylight. Local peaches are here and that is a celebration in itself. We are taking full advantage of the bounty of Summer. 

    A summer favorite is a slice of fresh peach pie. There are not a lot of ingredients used in our peach pies. As with all of our pies, we want you to enjoy all the flavor of the fruit so we keep it simple. This season you have a number of ways to enjoy:

    - Traditional Peach Pie with lattice flaky crust

    -Peach Melba Pie (fresh apricots, raspberries, peaches) with a crumb topping

    -Peaches & Cream is fresh sliced peaches atop made-from-scratch vanilla cream custard 

    -Peach Praline Pie is a combination of peaches and our praline glazed topping

    Take a look at the crust options, the Cafe Crust, Shortbread, Almond and Traditional Flaky are all delicious options.

    Happy Summer!

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