• Pie Toppers & Other Custom Touches

    A visit to the "Our Pies" selection of our website gives you a glimpse of the many varieties of savory and sweet pies on our menu. Following your flavor selection you will be taken to the second decision, the crust options. There are currently 10 currently listed with more to be added soon. None of our crust flavors are extreme, but flavors you'll find offering a fabulous compliment to our pie flavors . Go ahead and select a new variety and discover pie like you have never experienced.

    Secondly, you will notice that most of our pies are pictured without a top crust. You may request lattice, full top crust, or choose from the many pie crust cut-outs (pie toppers) we offer for a touch of whimsy, holiday themes, or lettering.

    Additionally, we offer a variety of hand-crafted toppings to add flavors and beautifully finish off your pie. You may choose from:


    Cranberry Crumb

    Pecan Crumb

    Crushed Double Chocolate Dipped Peanuts

    Pretzel name a few.

    Want to top off with your business logo, mascot, or monogram? We'll have a custom cutter made to your specifications and we don't stop there. Custom ribbon with your message in your colors finishes things off, now that's a personal pie inside and out, It's Easy As Pie!

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