• Comfort Pies are Just Right

    Busy days AND nights often make it difficult to serve a warm, nutritious, and tasty dinner, and that is when we need it most.There is shopping for ingredients, preparation, and baking time, the result being that all-too-often it just doesn't happen. I've been known to get all the ingredients, but run out of time complete the project. We settle for fast food, or a pizza delivered to the door, options that are not just costly in what we spend but at the expense of good nutrition and quality meal time together. 

    When you and your family can walk through the door and catch the aroma of one our Comfort pies baking , well, that is a welcome home no matter how the day has been.  Keeping a few in the freezer will make your life less stressed knowing you've got a great meal lined up. As with all of our pies, local delivery is complimentary. Next time you find there is not time to plan a meal let the doorbell you hear be It's Easy As Pie bringing you a Comfort Pie, a comfort of home. 

    The standard size pie is in a 1.5 quart pan and serves 4-6, personal pie size(5") available as well. Try a sampler pack, it makes a great gift. 

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