• It’s Easy As Pie: “Excellent Pie Shops That Will Ship Right To Your Doorstep” Thrillist


    12 Excellent Pie Shops That Will Ship Right to Your Doorstep

    The world has become obsessed with celebrating random holidays based around extremely specific food -- did you get your mom a card for National Lobster Bisque With A Side of Texas Toast Day yet? Yet sometimes, a fake food holiday and a real one can work in tandem. Case in point: Irish people love pie. And Pie Day is right before St. Patrick's Day. Luckily, this  enterprising St. Louis-area bakery made the connection. They’ll ship you such Emerald Isle favorites as an Irish Catch pie filled with leeks, scallops, mushrooms, or cram an entire meal of corned beef & cabbage into crust. There are other savory options like fresh tomato & cheese or bacon, mac & cheese, plus sweet stuff like gooseberry, blackberry, and salted caramel/apple. And considering you just need to click to get one, you can crack that second (or fifth) Guinness and wait for the pie to come to you. 
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