• Fall Savories Rake in Flavor

    With the change of seasons it’s a good time to change up the menu. Savory pies are the one dish meal that not only simplifies your life but makes your meals easy, healthy, and delicious. Meal l prep, no need to try to come up with something new to serve, then shop for ingredients...then come home to cook,) and better yet clean-up is minimal with our Savories! Wouldn’t be SO much better to have a supply of Savories in your freezer ready to go? 

    We offer a broad selection of flavors from which to choose including chicken, beef,seafood, and also many meatless options. As always please let us know if you have specific ingredient concerns. Just send us a message or call . All pies are made-to- order your way.  

    Note: Sizes available include :

    Full 9” (serves 6-8)

    Personal 5” (generous single serving)

    Cutie Pies fork-free/ bite sized 

    It’s time to dine at dinner, not just eat, It’s Easy As Pie!


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