• Opening This Fall...The Bakers Hub


    From French macarons and éclairs to kolache and empanadas, a new bakery opening this fall will offer St. Louis diners a little bit of everything.

    The Bakers Hub, set to open at 67 Forum Shopping Center, will bring 10 local bakers together under one roof. The concept comes from Joe and Shirley Henderson, who own the shared-use kitchen and commissary The Creative Cookery. "We've seen our bakers work farmers' markets, pop-up events and sell their products in the front space of our kitchen," Joe says. "We thought there has to be something better for a startup baker who isn't quite ready for the cost of launching their own brick-and-mortar."

    That's when the couple came up with the concept for The Bakers Hub. 

    The shared-use kitchen and bakery will provide bakers with everything they need, as well as a storefront to sell their products. The bakers will all share the kitchens and bakery, including six large convection ovens, multiple commercial dough mixers, convection cooktops, maple-top bakers tables, a walk-in cooler, two large freezers and other kitchen equipment. 

    The front portion of The Bakers Hub will be home to the storefront and bakery, featuring two large refrigerated display cases, a double-door cooler, coffee bar and a counter with stools. Instead of incurring all of the expenses of starting a bakery on their own, the bakers each pay a small monthly fee.

    The Bakers Hub currently has nine bakers signed on, with hopes to add one more:

    • The Tipsy Goat (French macarons)
    • Sam's Vegan Kitchen (vegan toaster pastries, cupcakes, cakes, scones, cookies)
    • It's Easy As Pie (sweet and savory pies)
    • Patty's Cheese Cakes (cheesecakes, mini-cheesecakes, brownie cheesecakes)
    • Spoil Me Sweetly (wedding and birthday cakes, cupcakes)
    • Truck Norris Twisted Treats (large sandwich cookies, strawberry shortcake, cinnamon roll cake)
    • Lil' Mama's Kitchen (sweet and savory kolache)
    • Puff Magic (éclairs, cream puffs, beignets)
    • First Choice Bakery (Peruvian alfajores, pionono, empanadas)

    Joe says the couple specifically chose unique bakers whose offerings wouldn't compete with one another, and can also offer customers plenty of different products and services.

    "A future bride can design a wedding cake, maybe a vegan option, but also select cheesecakes, or pies, and maybe select macarons for table favors," he says. "It gives the customer so many options to choose from when they walk into The Bakers Hub. We want The Bakers Hub to be their go-to bakery. Our bakers offer products you can grab on your way to work, or a sweet for the weekend."

    Look for doors at The Bakers Hub to open around Oct. 1.

    The Bakers Hub plans to be open Wednesday through Sunday.

    The Bakers Hub, 67 Forum Shopping Center, Chesterfield, Missouri,

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