• Planning Brunch- The Lineup


    This season of planned gatherings, open house, and impromptu meals when friends drop by are times to have a game plan. Our menu contains so many options for these occasions that take away stress and bring flavor to your table.

    Brunch favorites include:

    Mushroom Asiago, Fresh Tomato, Artichoke, Jambalaya, and Shrimp Etouffe Pies. 

    French Toast Pie is offered in varieties like Apple, Bacon, Streusel. Berry and Brie, and Bacon Pecan. 

    Quiche, a perennial favorite, is offered in many flavors        including meat, seafood and vegetable. 

    From bite sized fork-free Cutie Pies to Personal single size, to full size (serving 6-8) and by-the-pan we have it covered.....deliciously!


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