• Say Cheese(cake)!

    Cheescake is an ever popular dessert that is now available from It's Easy As Pie in many presentations. Similar to our pie options, you have a choice of size, crust, flavor and finish for your cheesecake. 


    -Cutie Pie (bite size and fork free)

    - Personal (4.5" springform)

    - Full (10" springform serves 8-10)


    -Graham Cracker

    -Pretzel Brittle

    - Shortbread

    - Ginger

    - Chocolate



    - Chocolate

    - Lemon

    - SeaSalt Caramel


    The choices for finish include fresh fruit, nuts, toasted coconut, sauces (SeaSalt Caramel, chocolate, cherry, sour cherry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry)

    If you are looking for something they'll be talking about ask about flavor infusion pipettes. These are small pipettes filled with select liqueurs that add a burst of flavor (and fun) to the dessert experience. 

    A Cheesecake Bar is a tastefully interactive addition for fun and flavor at your next event. 

    How it works:

    Guests start with unfinished cheesecake and move to a spread of sauces, fruits, nuts, and toppings to create the dessert of their dreams. Similar to an ice cream sundae bar but on another level , Cheesecake!

    Coming soon : Savory Cheesecakes 


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