• Sugar Free Pies Are Full of Flavor

    Love pie and feeling limited on your choices because you are diabetic?? It's Easy As Pie offers just about every pie on the menu in a sugar free version. Stevia is the sugar substitute we use because it is the safe and most flavorful sugar substitute. Here is a review of our sugar free desserts from a very happy customer Reviewed On 9/17/2015
    My husband and I met Cindy last year at the Wedding Market Expo in downtown St. Louis. It was one of the luckiest days in my life! As a person who loves great tasting and unique desserts but does not do sugar and who is allergic to chocolate, strawberries and bananas, it is a real challenge for me. There was nothing I could really find in St. Louis and so was mail ordering things from out of town. Then Cindy came into my life! Over the last year, she has made me such wonderful desserts as a sugar free key-lime pie, sugar free bread pudding with caramel sauce, a vanilla Creme Brûlée and now a sugar free sweet potato pie, things I have not been able to find without sugar and eat for over twenty years. Also, if I have a custom order as my asking her if she could make me sugar free cheese Danish, she is always up for it. IF you live locally, she will also deliver your order for a small fee. If you love desserts, and you have special food allergies or restraints and you want desserts that are sugar free with no after taste and that someone else if you did don't tell them would not know it, Then Cindy is your gal! My husband, Larry, who is very particular and who usually wants everything loaded with sugar has asked me to share the sugar free goodies Cindy makes for me! Here is what he has said about Cindy and her baking: "Cindy is a very talented baker and one of the reasons is , she bakes from her heart and has a passion for it and it shows up in every bite you take of one of her unique creations." I second his comments. So, what ever you need in a dessert, you can not go wrong if you contact Cindy to make you one of her amazing desserts, either regular or sugar free!

    Sue Slater 

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