• The Essential Chicken Pie

    In this pandemic pandemonium of 2020 we find ourselves in a world beyond our wildest imagination. It really was not so long ago that we welcomed the New Year and all of it’s promise of a fresh start, a new decade, and yes, the magic number 2020 was pretty exiting to think about as well.

    There are so many catchphrases these days we try to adopt to make sense of our “new normal” ( there I go with THAT catchphrase) Isn’t it true that isolation has a way of stripping away the non-essentials? 

    Which brings me to the new pie, The Essential Chicken Pie...but first a bit of explanation....

    On 3/16 we determined that it was time to rest the rolling pins for a bit. With limitations on ingredient availability and our own mobility reduced to “stay home” it was time to streamline many things. 

    To start with the menu ( Featuring one savory , The Essential Chicken Pie) the ingredients are locally sourced supporting LOCAL farmers.  This pie is a meal,not simply meant to fill you up but to be THE comfort food that puts a smile on your face and warms your heart. 

    We are small batch baking a limited number each week. With time, more flavors will be back on the menu. For now, we wish you health , we wish you peace where you can find it (seek it,) Be well... enjoy the essentials, what matters truly is what truly matters.♥️

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