• Total Solar Eclipse 2017 and the Pie of Totality


    8/21/2017 is the date for the Total Solar Eclipse. 

    Where to be?

    What to do?

    What will it look like?

    What to wear?

    Important question...What to eat?

    Total Solar Eclipse Pie of course. 

    The Total Solar Eclipse Pie, the taste of totality, that is quite simply, out of this world. The (moon) pie is a soft, gooey crustless chocolate fudge. Encircling the moon is the sun (delicate vanilla meringue) uwith a dusting of cosmic sparkle ( sugar.)
    This product ships/freezes beautifully. Shipped orders must be placed no later than Wednesday, August 6 pm. Your pie will arrive Friday, August 18, keep frozen until the morning of totality ( 8/21/17). Local deliveries in the St.Louis area are limited and will will be through Sunday, afternoon,  August 20.

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