• With A Pi Party The Possibilities Are Endless

    March 14 is Pi Day a favorite of number crunchers and pie munchers alike. Each Pi Day we deliver to educators, scientists, engineers, students, accountants, pie lovers,  and other professionals who love a day to enjoy plenty of pie. 

    This year the Pi Party has been added to the menu. Included are 20 Personal Sweet Pies (5") in flavors of your choice, forks, and napkins. As a gift from It's Easy As Pie , a certificate for (1) 9" sweet pie of choice is included with each Pi  Party ordered. Use this as a door prize, make up a contest, or just save it for a day when you need a fresh pie. 

    When your Pi Party is delivered, the hap-Pi times begin! No matter how you slice it, remember , the pie's the limit!



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