• Hap-Pie Birthday Pie Makes The Celebration Extra-Special

    If you are looking for a way to put a special touch on a birthday a made-to-order pie is the way to go. Our pies are not just a pretty finish to a meal but are full of flavor and fresh-as-ever. When you place your order be ready to answer some questions! We ask a lot because while we want your pie to look just right , the taste of all the right flavors is most important. 

    A new customer ordered French Silk (a family favorite) for his wife's birthday celebration . The bar was set high, how did we do?

    "The French Silk pies were great. I had the pleasure to do the cutting. Most of the time, there are some who ask for smaller pieces or who will cut their piece and give the other part to someone else. Well, I prefaced the slicing by telling everyone that I was an “equal opportunity slicer” and the pies were divided into 8 equal slices. No one complained and everyone ate their serving!!! Thanks for your help and making the day that much more special. Everyone was very intrigued about your company…as I was." Making your celebration delicious,memorable, and  unique...It's Easy As Pie!!

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