• It's A "Berry" Good Week- It's Easy As Pie

    Feature flavor of the week is Blackberry and we have so many ways for you to enjoy! 

    - Traditional Blackberry Cobbler

    This is pure berries on the bottom and spooned-on biscuit-like dough on top. Enjoyed any time of day and especially delicious served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

    - Blackberry Lemon Pie

    The colors of this pie stand out as do the flavors. We fill a Flaky Pastry shell with homemade lemon pie filling. It is full of pure lemon because fresh squeezed lemons are the main ingredient. We then finish this off with a layer of the juiciest blackberries. This is a refreshing touch to just about any meal.

    - Blackberry Key Lime

    Another refreshing for you to enjoy is the Blackberry Key Lime in Pretzel Brittle Crust. The traditional Key Lime Pie fills the Pretzel Brittle Crust for a salty-sweet crunchy sensation made even more tasty with plenty of fresh blackberries. 

    - Blackberry Cream

    The start of this pie is a shortbread crust and from there a layer of scratch-made vanilla cream topped with whole blackberries and toasted almonds. This is not too sweet, not heavy, but just the right blend of flavors and crunch. 

     - Old Fashioned Blackberry Lattice Pie

    The name of this pie says it all. Serve warm with some vanilla ice cream!

    - Blackberry Lemon Pound Cake

    Not a pie but oh SO good. It's tall and gooey with a lovely blend of almond, lemon and berries. Top off a slice with whipped cream.

    Delicious ways to have a "Berry" good day....It's Easy As Pie!

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