• Shop With The Glennon Card 2015

    For the 3rd consecutive year we are delighted to be a participating Glennon Card merchant .This annual event has all the right ingredients which ,when combined , are a recipe for success. 

    -over 320 participating merchants ( these are businesses you know and ❤️) 

    - your Glennon card costs just $50

    - the savings  you enjoy with The Glennon Card is 20% 

    SSM Cardinal Glennon Hospital received $182,494. in 2014 from card sales and sponsor support. New surgical and advanced procedural scopes for ear,nose and throat procedures, urological interventions, orthopedic surgeries and pulmonary procedure patients all benefited. 

    The shopping dates are 10/23-11/1 and there are pre-sale and kickoff dates planned. Visit for complete information. We will be  posting  updates and events on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the website. 

    The pies purchased need not be delivered during the 10 shopping dates but are most popular for future events, gifts, and holiday enjoyment. 

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