• Pie It Forward for the ❤️ Heart❤️ of Glennon


    The Caregivers at Cardinal Glennon are the hearts and hands who daily give comfort, encouragement, counsel and expert care to patients and families. There are over 1700 caregivers but who are they?

    The Grateful Patient Coordinator at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation summed it up saying, "Truly - all employees care for our patients - whether it be directly, or through their compassion/ compassionate gestures towards our families."

    We are happy to offer you an opportunity to show your gratefulness by sending made-to -order fresh pie , delivered . Certificates are available for just $20 ( It's Easy As Pie will cover the delivery costs) and may be designated for a specific team member with your personal message attached or you may purchase a certificate to be sent to the Grateful Patient Coodinator's office who then will redeem as best suited throughout the year. We work closely to thank, celebrate, and simply let the Caregivers of Glennon know that they too are cared for. 

    Additionally, during the Glennon Card Days (10/23/15 - 11/1/15 ) It's Easy As Pie will donate a pie certificate to the Caregivers for every $100 you spend at It's Easy As Pie. ❤️





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