• Introducing Cafe Crust

    I am a coffee person, drink it often, late at night(not a problem,) and prefer mine black. Like many, I enjoy a cup with my pie, and I do enjoy pie! The quest for a coffee pie to add to the menu began a while ago. Most coffee pies are based on super sweet liquor, wafer crusts, and are cream varieties. I wanted to offer pure coffee in a simple form without all the sugar, liquor, and heavy cream, thus the Cafe Crust was created.

    We incorporate fresh roasted Turkish ground(the finest) directly in our dough adding a bit of sugar for balance. As with our other crust options, you have choices.  If you have a favorite flavor, let us know and we will use that bean for your Cafe Crust. For those who want to experience the Cafe Crust, you'll find the variety we use offers a balanced flavor that will have you talking. For all the good things this new flavor brings to your pie experience, I'm sorry to say, you will miss out on the initial aroma that fills the air in baking, delightful!

    Cafe Crust works well with just about all our non-savory flavors, I especially enjoy the fruit pies with it. Soon we are introducing the coffee drinks you have your barista making en patisserie. So stay tuned, there is a lot a brewin' at It's Easy As Pie!  


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