• Made-to-Order Is Not Just About Timing

     Pie has personality and characteristics, that appeals to me. When you order your pie from It's Easy As Pie you have options, decisions and opportunities to enhance your "pie experience" like nowhere else.

    The components of each pie are as follows

    - The Filling

    This is basic, what kind of pie do I want? Go to the "Our Pies" part of the website and you will find the menu has a photo, brief description, and ingredient list. We want you to know what goes into each pie and are happy to make ingredient adjustments if you'd like. 

    - The Crust

    Offering over 8 varieties, we want you to combine the filling and crust as you like. Generally we don't over- flavor and over-spice our fillings, but prefer your flavor to be the combination of crust meets filling. Our crusts may contain ingredients like fresh herbs, cheese,or even finely ground coffee to create subtle yet outstanding tastes.

    - The Finish

    Pie toppers are pastry fashioned to customize your pie. We use lettering to spell out your message, offer custom cutters for logos  and symbols unique to your message. Additionally holiday, seasonal, and sport motifs may be used to top off your pie. 

    In addition to Pie toppers of pastry we are happy to add toppings of your choosing, just let us know.

    Finally, we offer the "Retro-Pie" option. Have a childhood taste you savor but can't make it yourself? Perhaps you have the recipe but are not a baker. Let us make the pie and make the connection. We've brought back many happy memories of special people and special times with the Retro Pie. Just let us know.

     While we make everything fresh to order when you want it, please know that timing is not everything at It's Easy As Pie.   

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