• JAZZ Apples Bring the Best to the Table

    When selecting fruits to bake into pies for your table, we are picky! We look for superior qualities of flavor, appearance, juiciness, firmness, and behavior prior, during, and after baking.,it’s not complicated but we are demanding!

    For years it has been the blending of varieties that has  brought what is needed , making Apple Pie our top seller month after month.......and then JAZZ came along. Very similar in character to Jazz music known for rhythm patterns and harmonies, we find JAZZ Apples have it all in one. 

    In cooking JAZZ are great from the start with the uniformity of size and ease in peeling and slicing. We pile a generous amount in each Flaky Pastry shell, 6-7 apples. With the exceptional flavor JAZZ brings we add few ingredients, just a bit of sugar and cinnamon. When baking JAZZ juice up, so as the pie is taken from the oven be alert. In cooling the juice is absorbed just in time for a drizzle of our SeaSalt Caramel Sauce, 

    We don’t stop here at the Jazz Apple Pie, but bake JAZZ in many of our savory pies with particular mention of  Oktoberfest Pie.

    With JAZZ in the kitchen , the pies the limit!

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