• Pie, The Comfort Food,Now More Than Ever

    Maybe it's the change of season, a way-too-busy-schedule, that "to do list" still waiting to be done, world events, weather events or whatever... pie sounds right about now. 

    Favorite Fall Savories include:

    - Chicken Pot

    - Oktoberfest 

    - Beef Guinness

    - Pulled Pork in Cornbread Crust

    - Buffalo Chicken

    Favorite Fall Sweets include:

    - Apple ( all varieties incl Crumb, SeaSalt Caramel,Crush, Cranberry, and Classic)

    - S'mores

    - Pecan (Classic, Cranberry, and Derby)

    - Pumpkin (PSL aka People Sure Love it!)

    - Old Fashioned Custard




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