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    Wedding planning is many things including exciting, and stressful. At It’s Easy As Pie we add a few important ingredients like informative, relaxing, enjoyable and delicious. Your time is valuable and we appreciate every inquiry. Scheduling your private tasting appointment is the initial step. Here is a brief outline of what to expect:

    During the tasting we will :
    - introduce you to the pie specifics including flavors, crust options, finishes, sizes available
    - show you photos of actual wedding pies in a variety of styles and presentations. 
    - discuss YOUR vision for your wedding day.
    - provide an explanation of our services for your event( design, delivery, set/up, serving ) and give you an idea of cost.
    - MOST importantly TASTE PIE.

    We have found keeping it simple works best. You have so many things to research in planning your wedding so for our part it does not require multiple meetings.
    *Where do we meet?
    A coffee shop is perfect (just let us know the area convenient for you,) our kitchen, or at the venue. 
    * When do we meet?
    Evenings /weekends are fine or daytime just let me know.
    * How long does it take?
    On average 30-45 minutes.

    *Who attends? The couple and any others you want to include ( maid-of-honor, parents, grandparents)
    * Is there a charge?
    No, tastings are always complimentary.
    *What’s next?
    Just select 3-4 flavors you’d like to sample . We will prepare in Personal Pie (5”) size. A fruit, nut, and a cream are suggested. Once you let us know your availability, we’ll get baking!

    (Note you may view many pies on our fb, Twitter, and Instagram and of course on The Knot Desserts in addition to this website.)

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